Hunter is a red merle male produced here at My Dream Aussies!

The 2009 National Rankings have been posted for APDT Rally Obedience.
Peyton, Hunter & Chase have all been named!!!! Each year they list the top 20
dogs overall and the top 20 dogs in each title category.

Peyton is ranked #13 nationally for Level 1 Championship Title
Chase is ranked #10 nationally for Level 1 Title
Hunter is ranked #20 nationally for Level 1 Title (by 1 point!!)
My Dream's Ruff Rider

Theo is a puppy produced from our former stud dog, Junior and our former
Certificate along with passing his Canine Good Citizen test. We are very excited
for Theo and his family. As you can see from above, I wouldn't be surprised to
see Theo add a few agility titles to his list of accomplishments. Stay tuned...
A.K.A: AKC Miniature American Shepherd
His 2013 accomplishments....

He moved up from Level 2 to Level 4 in CPE Agility, qualifying him for the 2014
CPE Agility Nationals in Minnesota.

·        He earned his NW1 Title (NASCW Nosework Level 1) in Missouri. I was so
proud of our boy Theo -- He took First Place in Containers and PRONOUNCED
FIRST PLACE OVERALL. For any non-nosework folks, this means he had to
find an odor (a Qtip soaked with Birch essential oil) hidden in four different
locations: Containers (basically a room full of boxes, hence containers), which
he found in 9 seconds; an interior room full of equipment; an exterior (25' by
50' foot outside area full of farm equipment, and debris -- the hide was drilled
into the cornstalk in the pix); and on a vehicle parked amongst other vehicles.
He had 10 minutes total to find all the hides and he did it in 1 minute 19
seconds, making him the top dog overall!

Even with all that hard work, he continues to make us laugh with his talking
and smiling! He truly is a love.

Thank you so much for letting him into our family. We don’t know what we’d do
without him.

Jean & Ron