I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a Aussie.  We just love our Sydney.  He
is really the joy of our lives, and fit right in as soon as he came to us.  He loves playing with my
young boys, and cuddling up with anyone who has an open lap.  He as well loves his 2 cats.  During
quiet moments its likely to find them all together on the couch resting. (so cute!)  It is apparent to
anyone who receives your puppies, that they come from a very dedicated first home.  They are well
rounded happy dogs ready to be loved. And your commitment to this breed shines through.  
Gwyn, New York
"We thank our lucky stars that we found Sarah.  Bodie is a
beautiful puppy and has become a wonderful addition to
our family.  We are so lucky to have him and it is obvious
that he was a well cared for puppy.  Sarah made the entire
process incredibly simple and easy for us, and has always
been there to answer all our questions."
Todd;  Saskatchewan , CA
I absolutely love the pup that I got from you!  She is "hands down" the
most athletic pup I have ever come across....she can leap 5 feet with
ease and will be an incredible agility dog.  She just completed a
companion dog class and was the "star" of her class.  She is extremely
smart and loves everyone.  I have to keep an eye on her as everyone
that meets her loves her and wants to take her home!!  I would highly
recommend your pups to anyone looking for a beautiful, even tempered,
incredibly smart and talented lifetime companion!
Lisa, MI
I just want to say that getting a puppy from you has been
the best experience.  Coco is super sweet, super smart
and absolutely WONDERFUL with the kids! She loves
everybody and even won over my husband's heart and he
thought he wasn't a dog person! Also, having Junior join
our family is an absolute joy!  He is so loving and friendly
and it's like having another cat (we have 3)-he is a lap
dog and also is awesome with the kids.  If I could, I would
get a puppy from every litter that you have!
Jennifer, WI
Juneau has been the most amazing addition to our family.  We
brought her into our home at a difficult time.  My daughter and I
were dealing with divorce and the recent loss of a family
member.  Juneau is the most amazing girl with the best
personality I've ever seen in a young dog.  She always knows
just when my daughter and I need a big puppy hug.  She's easily
training as an assistance dog for my girlfriend and has
performed very well with every new thing we have introduced.  
Thank you for breeding to such a high standard.  Joi, WI
We LOVE Lucy! We couldn't have asked for a better
puppy! Thank you so much for the newest member to our
family! She is a BEAUTIFUL Red merle pup! Thanks again!
April & Forest, WI
Bringing Sadie in to our home was the best decision we
could have made.  Aussies are such a wonderful breed
and we couldn't be happier! Lori and Mike, IL
Hey Sarah,  He's amazing.  Seriously.  Sleeping through the night really
well.  Crate training and not peeing inside it at night.  He's so smart.  He's
more than I ever could have asked for.  Caitlin, Chicago, IL
Jordyn is over the moon with her new Aussie that she has named Blaze. Actually, the
surroundings. I am proud of Jordyn, she has taken full responsibility and doing a
great job.

I just wanted to say thanks and tell you that you must be an amazing breeder. We
have had many friends meet Blaze and fall in love with him so we will be sure to
pass along your name and number to everyone seriously interested. I know Jordyn
said she would be sure to keep you updated with pictures. Take care Sarah and
again thanks so much!
Jordyn and Debbie;  Deerfield, IL
She is such a joy to be around.....we are both very much in
love with her...as is the rest of my family (especially my
dad)! We are so thankful that you brought Basil into our
lives.  She is a sweetheart!
Carlyn and Dave; Waukesha, WI
He really has been a blessing in my life :)  Thank
you again!
Caitlin; Chicago, IL
I also wanted to let you know that he is an amazing dog and we
are so happy that he is part of our family. We started agility
class 2 weeks ago and he is doing so well!
Rob and Lauren; IL
Logan has adjusted very well in our family. We can't get
enough of him! Thank you so much for Logan. He's not
only my pet, but also my best friend. I am very glad I
picked him and wouldn't want it any other way!
Sasha; West Allis, WI
Bowie is a dream; I absolutely love him. Still can’t
thank you enough for such a wonderful little guy.

Susan; Appleton, WI
I figured it was about time to email you about Jersey. He's doing
really well with us, I couldn't be more pleased with how he is turning
out! He's so incredibly smart and everywhere we go people always
comment about his freckled face :).

Calla, Jasper & Jersey; Madison, WI
I just wanted to check in with you seeing that Daisy is now a year old! She
is doing well, and loves our pool. She goes out swimming every day with
my dad and loves sharing a raft with Kora( the German shepherd.) She
has learned how to sit and "high five". She is still working on staying
when told and laying down, but she comes when she is called and knows
what the word "NO" means. She has caught on to Koras trick of getting a
bowl and bringing it to the dinner table, and learned how to grip onto a
tennis ball, her mouth isn't quite big enough :) I just wanted to thank you
again for a blessing of an angel. Take care!

Caitlin; Adams, WI
We got our puppy, Eli just a few days ago and he is already fitting into our
family just perfect.  He is well behaved and is already learning things very
quickly, he is a smart one for sure.  Sarah was, and still is very helpful to us.
We can tell she loves her dogs and we know Eli will be a great addition to our
family, he gets a lot of love already.  Although we did not get to meet Eli's Mom
we were fortunate to meet his Dad, he is a beautiful loving dog and I just know
that if Eli is half as great as Calvin we have ourselves a wonderful pet.  Thank
you so much Sarah for all your hard work and I know where to go if I ever want
another one just like Eli, he is wonderful!!  He seems to really like out 8 year
old Lab mix Bailey as well!!

Chris and Family, IL
Thank you so much for making it all possible, you are the best, truly!
Pam is wonderful as well and thanks for putting in a good word for us, she told me you spoke very highly of us as dog parents.
This is exactly the kind of experience I wanted to have buying a puppy and you made it possible, everything feels right and that
pup is so gorgeous!!!!!!
The whole process should be effortless and up until now it just wasn't, thank you Sarah for changing that.  I wish it was a puppy
from you, but I think this is how it was supposed to work this time, and next time it'll be you.
I knew there was a reason I kept coming back to you!  You are so considerate and helpful and Pam has also said so.  I just can't
say enough good things about you or to you.  I hope we can always stay in touch and like I said we want to meet you and your
dogs and family, with our new little girl, Lindi.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you..........................I just can't express my appreciation enough!

Most sincerely,
Susanne and Michael Martens
He lets her jump all over him while they play.  They get along great!  He still makes the funny
noises when he lays down or is just getting attention.  He continues to be a gentle and
lovable dog.  He like to lay on the tile floors, but likes to have a towel to put his head or
paws on.  He will carry one from the laundry room to where he may lay down.  It's just cute.

Trebacz Family, IL
Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we love our Merlin.  He's amazing and has
become such an important part of our family. He's potty trained, sleeping in his crate without so much as a
whimper at night, and doing really well at puppy training class.  And you're absolutely right - he's such a "velcro"
dog.  He wants to be right where we are and this has made it REALLY easy to teach him to come.  He picked up
on the Invisible Fence really quickly and now loves to chase after the birds and balls when we go out.  

And besides having a fabulous personality, he really is turning out to be a beautiful dog.  Gorgeous blue eyes
and such a fantastic face.  He gets compliments all the time and is referred to as "Handsome" by the trainer at
our puppy class.  

He's absolutely great.  We couldn't have asked for a better dog.  Thank you so much!

Becky & Family, WI  
RIP Merlin, you will always be loved and deeply missed

Just wanted to let you know that we made it safely back to Iowa. We named the little girl
Wicket and she is doing great! We are doing really well with potty training. We are taking
her to the vet on Tuesday. Wicket and Ewok are getting along great.

Laura, IA
A.K.A: AKC Miniature American Shepherd

It has been WAY too long! Things have been going so well!

He is doing WONDERFUL! He is about 15 pounds now and so happy and energetic. He is
the love of our lives. We give him so much attention and love! He is spoiled as all get
out. He loves playing with other dogs at daycare and the park, going for long walks,
playing with us and doing tricks to get his cookies...he knows sit, stay, down, roll over,
and five! I will definitely send pictures soon!

Hi Sarah,

Just a quick update on Daisy...She is adjusting very well and the kids are really enjoying her.
She has meet many family and friends already and even a few four legged friends and enjoyed
pouncing around the yard with them.. She is such a beautiful dog and has had sooooo many
compliments.  Everyones first reaction is how beautiful she is. Will send some photos when I
get a chance.  Thankyou for such a beautiful new addition to our family. Your pride and care
for this breed really does show through her. She is just a pleasure.

                                                                              Sincerely,  Angela ,Daisy & Family
Hi Sarah,

Tristan and I just wanted to update you on Hermes. He is a great dog and is great with our
son so we know he will be even better when our twin boys get here in a few months.
He is such a beautiful dog we wanted to send you some pictures.

Erin O.   1LT, MSC, CMO
Marysville, WA
So glad I found you on fb! We got our little man Oz from you in 2009. I
can't imagine our lives without him! We love him so much and he is
amazing with our little girls -2 & 4. You are amazing with these dogs and
it truly shows in their characters!

Lauren & Family, IL
This is my Mini Aussie, Viggo. He lives in Sweden and is almost 5 months
old now. His dad is Lone Pine's Diamond in the Ruff "Carbon". Viggo is an
awesome little puppy

Cassie, Sweden
We got our puppy Dagny Puddle Zellmer 1 year ago today!!! Couldn't be
blessed with a better puppy! Thanks, My Dream Aussies!!!

Micah & Hollie, WI


Thanks for your help in picking a puppy.  Ebony (aka: Lucy) is the best dog we could have wanted.  
She is so adaptable, calm, smart,and loving that it didn"t take long for us to fall in love with her.
She is great.  Fits in well with our older dog and cat with no problems whatsoever.  

You do a fantastic job with your dogs and will watch your web site and make referrals to you if the
need arises.

Ron and Judi.
Hi Sarah,

We are absolutely in love with our puppy Harley. He has been a bundle of Joy since the moment
we brought him home! I was surprised at how loving and outgoing he was so soon. He even loves
new people and other dogs. He caught on to going potty outside right away and now goes to the
door by himself to let us know when he has to go. So smart! We are continuing to crate train him
and he only cries when he has to go potty. Everyone that sees him falls in love and thinks he is so
cute and sweet. He seems to be well adjusted and comfortable in his new home. Naturally, I've
already taken way too many photos of him :) I've shared some with you.

Have a Happy Holidays and New Year!

Caitlin and Darius
Hi! I was just thinking,  "Blaze is such a great dog." And I thought I'd let you know :)

We are halfway through advanced puppy class, and he's the smartest as usual.
We'll take the Canine Good Citizenship test after this one.

Janene and Blaze
Hi Sarah,

Not sure if you remember us but we adopted one of your adult dogs named Savannah.  She was the dog from
West Virginia who was so shy.  We came to look at your puppies, but I fell in love with Savannah.  I had to
convince my husband into adopting her because of her shyness.  He was worried about how she would fit into
our hectic family.  

Savannah passed away yesterday from cancer.  This came as a surprise to us as she showed no signs or
symptoms until yesterday morning.  When we rushed her to the vet, she had a baseball sized tumor connected
on her spleen and internal bleeding.  They gave her less than 3 months and we didn't want her to suffer.

I wanted to let you know that she was the best dog ever and didn't have an aggressive bone in her body. She
was so kind and loving, everyone who knew her loved her.  

I wanted to thank you for allowing us to have her in our life.

We will miss her and her smiley face.


Judy Young
Hi Sarah,

Here’s Danny Boy at 17 mo playing with his new toy. We expect to go to a rally trial in  
September and probably will go to obedience as well.

He is a delightful boy and DEFINITELY a herder not a lapdog. He has a great temperament
and he and I love our workout sessions. We are going to a local dog club, “Paws Power
Blues Dog Club” for training. I thought that training was for the dog but clearly the training is
mostly for me.

His coat is beautiful and everyone remarks how beautiful he is.

Well, that’s it for now. Hope all is well with you and My Dreams Aussies.

Your friend,

Hi Sarah
Wanted to update you on Rocky.
He's been super fun and doing everything & going everywhere with the family.
There isnt anything he doesn't like he loves water swimming basketball tennis & horses! He's been to
the stable many times now and that's been working out great!

Fourth of July he amazed us all by sitting on the driveway with the family with M80s & giant fireworks
being blown off right above our heads he never even flinched!

Training has been working very well he listens and seems so eager to please.
He is  as playful and lovable as ever and exceeding our expectations with his unbelievable
temperament and personality!!!

Thank you Sarah for your amazing breeding ��!!

Lorna & family, IL
Hi Sarah,

Well, it been a week and Chloe is definitely part of the family already.

She is so sweet, eager to please and learns very quickly.  We absolutely love

The vet appointment went very well and John said that his office would send
you his exam results.

Take care,

Finnegan is a little over 10 weeks and doing wonderful here. We are starting our puppy class
today and he is up-to-date on his shots and he's had two vet appointments and everything looks
good. He has been really, really good with potty training. And he has been sleeping through the
night since the fourth evening so all is going very very well. We all love him and his disposition
seems really mellow and very well behaved. We couldn't be happier.  Thanks again and we'll keep
you posted in a couple more weeks.  

The Donahue Family
Muskego, WI
I took this photo tonight on our walk on the tidal flats and thought I would share it with
you.  Finn is doing really well and we love him to pieces.  We are taking him on his first
boat ride tomorrow to set a few shrimp pots.  He loves to follow our Berner, Basil,
around and Basil is warming up to him.  I think they will be great buddies in time which
is a great relief.  

Have a great weekend!
Darcy and Kevin
Juneau, Alaska
4 years ago today we brought home our newest best friend. This is
Sam-formerly Cinder:) Updated photo in comments. Sammy is healthy,
happy and the sweetest girl. Tons of fun but loves to snuggle...

Jenny, WI
Jake says Hi, can't believe we got him from you almost 6 years ago. Thank you :)

Caitlin, IL
I thank you everyday for my best friend! Love my Zeke!!

Kim, CA
Hi Sarah,
I want to share some recent pictures of Rain with you. She absolutely loves snow and
going snowshoeing with us. As you can see we have plenty of snow up here.
Rain is a delight. Thank you again for letting me adopt her.  Merry Christmas to you
and your family.

Nancy and Rain
And here is my truly loved My Dreams Dolly the Rhinestone
Cowdog....she is the joy in my life!

Kris, WI
Hi Sarah,

Not sure if you remember me or not as I’m sure you’ve had a ton of buyers in the last decade. I bought Brady
from you almost 9 years ago while I was living in Chicago. I’m in Wisconsin for a wedding and it made me think
of you guys! I just wanted to again send my thanks! Brady turns 9 this summer and he has been the biggest
blessing in my life. He’s absolutely incredible and I can’t thank you enough!! Attached a few photos below!

Thanks Again!!