We have just what you have been waiting for....the perfect
companion and family pet. My Dream Aussies breeds Miniature  
Australian Shepherds aka Miniature American Shepherds and we
are anxious to share with you the exciting qualities of this
wonderful breed.

The beauty of the Mini Aussie/American is the joy of a large dog
demeanor in a smaller package. Our puppies make wonderful
family pets and very loyal and loving companions. The Aussie by
nature is a pleaser and loves to work. They are reserved around
new people or situations but are always watching and once they
are reassured the situation is okay, they quickly become very
Mini Aussies/Americans love
human interaction and love to be
loved. They are extremely
intelligent and very in-tuned to
their surroundings and those
who love them.

We strive for a very socialized
dog that embraces the breed
standards. All of our dogs are
kid-tested and mother-approved.
We want only the very best
homes for our puppies and we
are sure that you will not be
sorry with one of our dogs.
A.K.A: AKC Miniature American Shepherd