Our Placement Process
You choose your puppy in the order that you place your deposit. We help match our puppies with their
new families. We will make our recommendations on puppies based on your living situation, previous
experience and what we feel will be the best match. We take into account your preferences as well as
other factors. Ultimately the decision is yours as to which puppy you choose; however we do reserve
the right of refusal of placement in extreme cases.

Deposits are non-refundable but if you are not able to find a puppy in the litter you put a deposit down
on, you can defer your deposit to my next available litter.

You will not choose your puppy until they are 8 weeks old, have been evaluated and temperament
tested. However, you are more than welcome to visit the puppies prior to 8 weeks of age to get a feel
for them and see them grow. I reserve right for first pick in all litters.

Our primary focus on placing our puppies is matching the right puppy with the right home. That
means we focus on temperament of the puppy and experience o
f the owners to make sure the
placement is correct. Color and gender of the puppy come secondary. If you are looking for a puppy
based on color or gender only, then we are not the program for you.

Helping match you with one of our puppies helps ensure that the temperament and activity level of
your puppy will be well suited to you and your family and that it will be a life-long placement. The
prettiest puppy can quickly become ugly if it is not the right fit for a home and the puppy that is
deemed as plain, can quickly become beautiful if it is the perfect fit.